Refund Policy

When choosing our comfort products and boxes please choose carefully.

What we don't refund for(unless):

  • Change of mind- If you change your mind or don't like the box we won't refund unless you send the box back at your own cost and that no products have been opened or damaged. We will refund you for the price of the box, however  shipping will not be included in the price of the refund.
  • Sending to the wrong location or the recipitent has left their location- If you have given us the location of a wrong address or you have sent to someone who has left their location (e.g hotel, air bnb ect) we can redirect however the shipping cost will be required again. Please make sure you have the correct details before shipping, we will only refund if the box comes back to us with its full contents. A refund will be applied, shipping cost not included.
  • Don't like the products- We will not refund at any time if you do not like the products or scents or texture, so please choose carefully when ordering. We buy from third party and cannot control how the products come.
  • If you have won a giveaway-If you receive a box and don't like it or its damaged we cannot give a refund for replace items unless they are completely damaged.

What we do refund for:

  • Damaged products- If you receive a product that is completely damaged or the product itself is not how it should be, please notify us immediately so we can send a recplacement or refund the product if we are out of stock. We buy our products from third party so any issues we will contact our suppliers, please go through us and not the third party supplier.

Please contact us at for any questions and information.