The Comfort Box: Everything you need to know

The Idea:

The comfort box, where did it come from? The question that has been lingering in your mind. Do not worry we are here to tell the story.

The idea came to me towards the end of 2021, with the craziness of covid and personal factors I knew there for was me in this world, however it wasn't working for someone else (working in hospitality was draining me).

I had gifted a friend the same year a gift box with all these goodies and absolutely loved it, and knew something could come from this.

I was also going through a really dark time where I didn't want to be in the world anymore, that I didn't see my purpose and that I was struggling with the demons inside my mind.

From the two combined I knew I had to do a business that could make people smile but also bring food to the table, and that's how the comfort box was born.

The Name:

The Comfort Box was not our first original name believe it or not. When I was starting a business plan, there were a few names that I was playing with, the first being 'The Anti-Depresso Box' I mean it wasn't horrible but I feel like it wouldn't have been taken well hence the scrapping of the name. Then I was pondering and The Comfort box came to mind and I knew that was the one.

Our Products:

When it came down to our products, we knew that small business in Australia was our main ethic. We didn't wanna support large corporations yet those who made their own products and poured so much love into what they do. We have met so many beautiful small biz buddies from this and make some of the best products that I know of. So whenever you need a gift always shop small because they do care more about their customers than bigger corporations.

Mental Health:

I am not one to shy away from my own mental health, with having anxiety and depression I understand how high and low it can be. This being another reason why mental health is a big focus for me and the business, with understanding how draining it can be and sometimes not knowing what to do when you are feeling low. The products I sell within the business are items that would make me feel better especially when I need time to pamper or relax.

The small things in life is what got me through my dark times, especially skincare.

There will be more blogs down the track about mental health and tips to help those who are not sure what to do. My best advice is try a bit of everything and see where it takes you.

Nature is definitely one thing that helps me when I am feeling low, like a good ocean swim or forest walk, even in the rain.

Why do we want to make people smile?

It has been in me to help people, especially when you go through your own darkness that it is beautiful to have a voice of hope and that's want I want to be. Hope. I know I will never be able to fix everyone, however even if my boxes can remind people even just for a moment that they matter then I know I've done my what I needed to do. The world can be a really scary and lonely place sometimes and I think its important to remind people that it's not always the case.

Our long term goal:

The long term goal is something that I do want to keep private cause unfortunately there are people who do steal your ideas even when you are trying to do good. All I can say it will be remarkable when we hit this goal, with spreading more love and kindness around Australia and eventually the world. I want to be a safe space for people and remind them that they are worth it and to tackle the mental health system because I know it has failed me many times. 

Every time a comfort box is purchased please know you are helping us get to our goals and what we want to do in the long term. It will be a long road but I know we can get there. Slow and steady wins the race.

Thank you:

If you have gotten this far I thank you, I thank you for your support and for even reading our blog. Even though we still have such a long way to go and that owning a small business can be incredibly hard it is very rewarding when you meet people who love your business and what you do. Small business wouldn't be anywhere without their loyal customers and supporters, so I thank you and can't wait to see us keep growing and for you to come along the ride.

With Love


P.s if you feel like grabbing a box use code BLOG10 ;)

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